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How You Can Change the Design of Your Widget and Bot

The ChatGen experience is all about building a personalized interaction with your brand. This means that your chat widget and your bot should both reflect your brand in a big way. That’s why we enable you to personalize the design of the widget and bot in a way that showcases what your brand stands for.

Changing the Widget Design

Go to Settings  >Widget  > Appearance

Go to Chat Icon at the bottom of the page:

You can choose from any of the icon shapes that work for you. If you want to customize your chat widget to reflect your brand, click on the "+" button. 

This will allow you to upload any image you want to use as a chat widget. Choose the image you want and crop it:


You can also decide where on the screen you want to place the chat widget. This feature is separate for both desktop widget and mobile widget.


Here’s how the chat widget will appear on the website once you choose the image and position: 


Finally, you can change the theme color of your chat widget by clicking on Primary Colour and selecting the color that resonates with your brand:

The default is Primary Blue. As you can see, the banner is blue as are the buttons towards the end.

Let’s say you change the primary color to Orange.

Here’s what the bot will now look like:

Changing the Bot Design

A well-defined chatbot flow can help you take your customer service and pre-sales support to the next level — with lightning-fast responses and 24*7 service. If you’re using a chatbot — whether it’s on your website or a Conversational Landing Page (CLP), your chatbot avatar is important— it creates your brand’s first impression for prospective customers. You can either use the default ChatGen design or customize it to reflect your brand in the best way possible. 

Go to Settings  >Profile Settings  > Bot Settings. Click on Edit

If you want to customize your bot, choose Custom and you will get the option of uploading an image.



Do you still have questions? Drop us an email at support@chatgen.ai. If you’re not using ChatGen, sign up for a free account.