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How to Set Up Your Online & Offline Status — Widget vs Individual Agents

There are two levels at which you can set up your ChatGen status — at the Widget level and at the agent level. While the Agent level status affects the routing of your user conversations, the Widget level status determines offline/online messages. 

How does the Widget and Agent status work?

Let’s take an example of a physical business — let’s say a clothing store. When the store is open, it lets customers in and helps them make a purchase. This is equivalent to the widget status being “online”. When the widget status is offline it simply means that you are not welcoming customers into the store at that time. 

Now let’s look at agent status. Let’s say there are 2 sales reps who work in the shop — Kevin and Samantha. If Kevin is “Busy” in the backroom doing inventory, he will not be able to interact with customers. Customer queries will then be handled by Samantha. That’s basically what the Agent status signifies — the availability of an individual agent at a given time. 

Setting up Widget Status

Go to Settings>Account Settings>Widget>Hours and Targeting


You can set up your widget status as:


In this case, the responsibility of changing the widget status online/offline every day will depend on you. Choose this option only if your agents are usually unavailable and will only come online for a limited time. 


Set up the hours during which your agents will be online. With this option, the widget status will automatically show as “online” during the hours that you specify. If you have the “Go Offline when team is Away” toggle turned on, ChatGen will go offline if all the individual Agents have their status set as “Away”. 

For more information on how to set this up, check out this doc

Setting up Agent Status

This status is at the agent level, and each agent has to personally set this up. Based on this status, ChatGen will notify agents and route conversations to them. 

To change their status, an agent simply needs to click on the avatar at the bottom-left.

From here they can alternate the status between “Busy” and “Online”. As a best practice, an agent should change their status to “Online” when they start working and then to “Busy” once their shift is over. 

When the status is “Online”

  • The agent will get notifications

  • They will get added to Conversations

When the status is “Busy”

  • The agent won’t be added to any Conversations

The status of an Agent doesn’t affect the status of the Widget in any way unless the “Go Offline when team is Away” toggle is turned on, and all Agents have a “Busy” status. 

In case you still have questions about this feature, do let us know! You can let us know on chat or write an email to support@chatgen.ai.  You can If you haven’t tried ChatGen yet, sign up here for a free account.