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How to Set Up Notification Preferences on ChatGen

Setting up your notifications is key to responding to users in a timely way. In this article, we’ll show you how to:

  • Find Your Notification Settings

  • Set Up Basic Notifications

    • Desktop Notifications

    • Mobile Notifications

  • Set up email notifications

    • Admin notifications

    • Agent notifications

  • Follow notification best practices

Find Your Notification Settings

Go to Settings >Account Settings >Notifications


By default, ChatGen will not have permission to send you browser notifications so you need to click on “Turn on Notifications”


Click on “Allow”

Set Up Basic Notifications

Once you click on “Allow”, your notifications screen will look like this: 

Desktop Notifications

Choose the type of notification you want. This will depend on your role in the organization — it’s important to find that balance between being informed about everything that’s important to you while not getting overwhelmed with notifications. 

Mobile Notifications

Naturally, you can only enable mobile notifications if you’ve downloaded our Android or iOS app. Just click on the checkbox to enable notifications on the mobile. 


The same settings that you have for your desktop will also apply for mobile notifications. 

Set up email notifications

You have an option to receive important notifications via email. These settings are different based on whether you have an Admin account or an Agent account. 

Admin notifications

An admin account has more email notification options. You can choose to receive any or all of the following emails: 

Agent notifications

An agent will have limited email notifications — mainly an email notification for all the chats they’ve missed. 

Follow notification best practices

There are a couple of best practices we recommend when it comes to setting up and managing notifications:

  • By default, we have enabled the “Only Conversations I’m in” setting. Unless otherwise required, it might be best to stick to this setting to avoid being bombarded by excessive notifications.

  • If agents are using the Android or iOS app, it’s a good idea to check the notifications box on the app. This ensures that you don’t miss out on important communication if you’re not on the desktop.

Do you still have doubts? Write to us on support@chatgen.ai  for follow-up questions. Haven’t tried ChatGen yet? Sign up here for a free account.