How to Set Up Hours and Targeting with ChatGen

You need to ensure that the availability of your agents is in sync with how you set up ChatGen. In order to do this, we have to set up the hours and targeting on the platform. 

Setting up your hours

Go to Settings> Account Settings> Widget> Hours and Targeting


Here you have two options 

  1. Manual and

  2. Automatic

If your agents are mostly going to be offline, and your bot will handle the bulk of the load, choose the manual setting. This way, your agents will have to turn the bot off manually once they’re online. If you choose the Manual option, do leave the toggle on (see below). 

If, on the other hand, your agents will mostly be online (say during the day) and the bot will take over on other occasions (say at nighttime), then use the Automatic option. 

In this option, you will have to pick the days and hours when your team is generally going to be online and accessible to customers.

If you have different times on different days (say for the weekdays vs the weekend), you can click Add time and choose different times for different days.

It’s recommended to turn on the button “Go offline when the team is away”. This way the bot can take over when the entire team is unavailable — for example if they’re at a team meeting.


Do make sure you add the right time zone, which is in sync with the timings you’ve chosen.


You can also decide who should see your widget and on which webpages. This can be based on a number of factors — which country the user is from, which URL they are on, and so on. To know more about targeting different users, check out this doc


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