How to Set Up Conversation Routing on ChatGen

ChatGen allows you to route your user conversations to specific agents based on predefined rules. This ensures that the right agent is accessing the right conversation, creating an optimal and efficient response system. 

In this article we’ll talk about: 

  • Setting up a conversation routing rule

  • Prioritizing conversation routing rules

Setting up a conversation routing rule

Go to Settings> Account Settings>Routing

To create a rule for routing conversations to different agents, click on Create New Rule on the top-right:

The rule allows you to route conversation to agents based on certain pre-defined criteria.

Step 1: Add the name for the rule


Step 2: Define the conditions

You can define various conditions to route your conversations to specific agents. This includes:

  1. User website path (URL, URL Path, URL Query Param, URL Host)                                

          The demographic (location) of the user

For instance, for this rule— Victoria— we want to include all conversations with users from Victoria, Australia. 

We would add the name of the country — Australia, then apply the condition —is any of, and then select Victoria. 

Step 3: Choose the teammates and the routing rule

Once you’ve defined the criteria, select the agents whom this conversation will be routed to. You can also choose whether you want to:

  1. Route to one teammate at a time (Round Robin) or 

  2. All teammates in the group at the same time

Finally, click on Save.

Prioritizing conversation routing rules

Once you’ve saved your rule, all the rules should appear on the main Routing screen.

You can drag and drop the rules based on the order of priority. 

Here are some basic principles to keep in mind :

  1. Keep your most specific rules at the highest priority, and the more general rules at a lower priority. 

  2. It’s also recommended that you have a "Default" rule that applies to all conversations as the lowest priority. This will ensure that there is a fallback rule if none of the other rules applies to a particular conversation.

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