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How to get started with ChatGen quickly

We know you’re interested in setting up your ChatGen account and getting started as quickly as possible. In this article, we’ll share a ton of resources to help you get there quickly.

Individual Settings

These settings are unique for each individual user and must be set by the users themselves. They cannot be modified for the organization at the admin level.

Notification Preferences

Check out this doc to figure out how to manage the notifications you receive.

My Profile

You can set up a customized ChatGen profile so that users can chat with you directly and book meetings with you. Check out this doc to see how.

My Calendar

Every individual needs to connect their own calendar via their ChatGen account. This doc showcases how you can connect your calendar so that customers can schedule meetings seamlessly. 

Administrator Settings

These settings are accessible only to account administrators and can be modified at the admin-level alone. Here are some of the most important ones: 

Installing ChatGen

The first step to using ChatGen is, of course, installing it. Here’s a doc with all the details to get you started. 

Widget Design

You can configure your widget design to make it more personalized and in-tune with your brand. Check out this doc to see how.

Business Hours and targeting

You need to set up your business hours to use ChatGen in the most effective way. Here’s a doc that shows you how. You can also use this doc to check out how to set different display conditions for your widget.

Conversation Routing

You need to ensure that leads are talking to the right people— sales, marketing, support, etc — so that you can get conversions faster and more effectively. Conversation routing is one of the best ways to do this — check out this doc to see how.

Saved Replies

Saved replies can help you save lots of time and ensure that you respond to customers in the quickest and most effective way. See this doc to find out all about saved replies. 

Conversation Tags

Conversation tags help you classify conversations in a systematic way — allowing you to understand user needs better and make more informed decisions. See this doc to understand how you can set up and use conversation tags.


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