Adding and Managing Conversation Tags on ChatGen

Tags are a great way to organize your conversations. With tags, you’ll have a better idea of the trends and patterns in your conversations. In this article, we’ll talk about:

  1. What are conversation tags

  2. How to add conversation tags

  3. How to filter conversations by tags

What are conversation tags

Conversation tags are tags associated with a conversation. These tags enable your agents to categorize a conversation under a particular topic. This way you can count how many conversations are associated with different topics. It will help you get an insight into the nature of your conversations so that you can make more informed decisions for your chat support and for the brand in general.

How to add conversation tags

Go to Conversation> Inbox

Open any conversation with a user


In the reply bar, on the bottom left, next to the Open button, you will see the tag symbol:

Click on the Tag symbol


You can either: 

  • Choose from the tags that already exist in the list by simply clicking on the tag

  • You can also create a new tag by simply typing in the box below and pressing “Enter”

  •   To delete a tag, you can simply click on the Delete button next to it. 

How to filter conversations by tags

To filter conversations based on tags, go to Conversations -> Custom Filter

Click on Tags and choose the tags from the drop-down that appears:

Click on Search and all conversations that have been tagged, will appear:

You can use the tags filter in addition to other filters like: 

  1. Agents 

  2. Dialogs

  3. Channel (Widget, CLP, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc)

  4. Status (Open, Closed, Missed)

The search result will show you those Conversations that match all these criteria.


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